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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Puffer Coat

 All Black with a Puffer

  Who loves a photoshoot in a laundry room? Hilarious right, but I love it. 

You guys I love my puffer. 

I'm a little sad because I know that this will be out of style probably next year and I want to wear for at least 3 more years. Its perfect, I bought it oversized first of all so I can wear sweaters and sweatshirts, which is something I actually never done before being that I live in Los Angeles, but I have used the oversized option now 2x. So it comes in handy. Also I had a really outdated puff jacket from Victoria Secrets that I wore to the Grand Canyon last year and it is horrendous. I just cant believe I let myself out the house with that coat. I was thinking of going more classic and buying one that I have been eyeing on Jcrew but since 

I have my goal of being a DIY, Self proclaimed Baddie, 

I went for the trendy version. I purchased this puffer from Zara and right now I have no complaints.   


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